Welcome to The Lepidoptera of Portugal

Welcome to The Lepidoptera of Portugal".

This site comes up as a hub to centralise knowledge regarding butterflies and moths of Portugal, a country in the southwestern tip of Europe harbouring a rich diversity reaching nearly 2600 species.

This site has both an 1) educational purpose for both amateurs and starting scientists with a pictorial guide and general info concerning the theme and also intends to be 2) an easily accessible tool taxonomic database with bibliographic data, distribution and other information regarding Portuguese Lepidoptera.

Despite great advance in what we know on the local butterfly & moth fauna, many aspects relating to their biology, distribution and even which species are present is still fragmentary. Any data is important and might prove invaluable to our general understanding of this group. So, we're looking forward to accepting any help regarding your observations in the country!

Enjoy, learn more, contribute!

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